Boost your internet speed
How to Increase Your Internet Speed in 10 Easy Steps

Slow internet is the worst!


Even studies show that wonky Wi-Fi connections are the number one modern-day inconvenience!


And it makes absolute sense. Waiting for downloads to finish, videos to buffer, or games to stop lagging is far from ideal.


But you can get your internet connection in the fast lane with a few quick adjustments, and I’m here to tell you all about them.


So let’s get tweaking!


10 easy ways to boost your internet speed


1. Reboot your router.

2. Find the best spot for your router.

3. Do a check-up on your internet cable.

4. Get yourself an ethernet cable.

5. Buy a Wi-Fi extender.

6. Block your ISP throttling.

7. Update your router firmware.

8. Switch your router to a different band.

9. Choose another Wi-Fi channel for your router.

10. Get a new, better router.


Let’s have a more in-depth look at these tips.

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