Welcome to the Privacy Hub! What a Critical Time to Be Here.

Privacy is at a tipping point

There are at least 5 billion reasons why you should be worried about your digital privacy and security right now. This is how many data records were compromised in 2018 alone.

For the past years, data breaches have been on the rise. As a result, data is turning into gold.

But we’re more polarized than ever in our public debates about privacy issues.

For instance, Apple promotes the idea that “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” However, since almost every day marks the beginning of yet another privacy controversy, things are not rosy. Governments are trying to weaken the anonymity of encrypted communication. Countries are banning VPNs. And Facebook is still making headlines for all the wrong security reasons, almost one year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Privacy is a fundamental human right. And at CyberGhost VPN we’re fighting to protect it every single day.

Our educational initiative: The Privacy Hub

Today we’re launching The Privacy Hub, our latest educational initiative. It’s dedicated to you, your privacy and digital security. It’s time to tip the scale in your favor and learn how to keep your data away from all prying eyes.

Privacy is a fundamental right. Unfortunately, it’s being tarnished every single day. Governments, state organizations and corporate conglomerates take advantage of the ever increasing ignorance to exploit data you are (un)willingly generating and sharing on the internet. This Privacy Hub is an essential element in CyberGhost VPN’s mission to protect your right to an open internet and reclaim your right to privacy. All through education. We see education as a crucial tool for changing the world. Therefore, we’re going to show you how and why you need to have a digital life that’s fully under your control. Help us fight the privacy status quo. Change is needed, and you’re part of it!
Alin Vlad, Chief Marketing Officer, CyberGhost VPN

The digital world is full of mutating and multiplying threats. And they’re all aimed at your privacy and anonymity. As a result, we’re here to help you safely navigate the ever-changing world of privacy and cybersecurity.

The future is full of privacy challenges, but we’re in it together.

What you’ll find here

We aim to turn the Privacy Hub into your go-to place for reliable, high-quality educational resources all about why and how to best protect your privacy.

As a team, we’re not just dedicated to building the VPN your digital life needs. We know information is power; the exact kind of power you need. And you can get it right here.

The Privacy Hub is the place where you can learn about:

  • Privacy & security
  • Internet privacy
  • Online security
  • Digital freedom
  • Accessing restricted web content

In each of these areas, we’ll provide you with well-documented articles, guides, tutorials, and give you plenty of insights. We’ll let you know when anything big goes down. And to keep you updated, we’ll also throw in some CyberGhost VPN news.

You can already start reading. Here’s what’s waiting for you:

We really hope you’ll become a frequent reader of our Privacy Hub. We’ll be here, pushing fresh, new content for you. 😉

Until next time, stay safe and secure!

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Why did I find the following script on your transparency page? extreme-ip-lookup.com


Hi Dale 🙂

At the top of the Transparency Report page (which I believe you are referring to), under the main navigation tabs you can see a feature where we display your ISP, your location, your IP, and your status (exposed or protected). This script allows us to display that.

We do not store any information the script picks up.

Hope that helps!

Nice update


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